Our Story


We don't just build homes. We build relationships.

ACC Home Improvement was founded in 2010.  Terry Knoke's vision was to combine his experience in the construction industry with his belief in God to build homes the right way: with a strong physical and moral foundation.  This means constructing beautiful homes, but it also means following certain rules when doing so.

  • Charge and honest price
  • Listen to customer's needs
  • Communicate clearly and often
  • Use time efficiently
  • Attend to the smallest details

It’s The Lord That Builds Your Home 

God's love is what makes a house. A home where you can live. And His love is the foundation. And the tool, He builds with. Let Him be the one who builds. Your house to be a place. Where others find the warmth of love. And acceptance by His grace. For when you try to build your home. With what you know won’t last, You may end up building your future From the surplus of  your past. But see this as a new beginning, A new life to pursue; A fresh new start and future hope. That God has given you. 
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